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I want to be a “Professor” too!

The concept is the “shop master” one, the system through which, for centuries and centuries before the coming of the large industry, the most expert workers made available their time and acquired knowhow in order to transfer professional skills to youngsters.

A teaching made of theory and practice but, above all, direct contact in order to learn not just a job, but also the pleasure of doing it with passion.

The Formare Project, launched in Brazil by the Iochpe Foundation 25 years ago, takes this old - yet always current - concept and introduces it in large companies, organizing qualification and training courses for youngsters coming from the communities where the companies are located, taught by employees of the same companies who become “volunteer educators” and - after a specific training program - are able to pass on their knowledge to the youngsters.

Magneti Marelli adopted the Formare Project in Brazil in 2004; a project that consists of activities carried out in “classrooms” set up at the Magneti Marelli plants of Hortolandia, Amparo and Mauà, in the state of Sao Paulo, and of Lavras, in the state of Minas Gerais.

The courses are defined, of course, by taking into account the activities carried out by Magneti Marelli and by the other companies located in the region. In addition to these specific “subjects”, the training path also includes in-depth courses on more general areas (health, safety, communication and relationships) as well as different electives, such as, for example, music, theatre, the joint management of a “school vegetable garden”...

Each course (recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education) welcomes up to a maximum of 21 youngsters from low-income families, and lasts one year.
Students are selected from the community through a process based on tests, interviews and visits to their homes - which confirms their eligibility for taking part in the project - and receive all the benefits so that they can satisfactorily attend the courses, such as - among others - transportation, scholarships, food and medical assistance.

Once they have completed the course, students are ready to enter the job market, and may potentially become part of Magneti Marelli’s workforce. This depends on the number of job openings at the Company as well as on the student’s age, in addition to other classification criteria, without a doubt, but for youngsters who take part in the course the chances that this training path will lead to a job are very good: according to studies conducted by the Iochpe Foundation, approximately 85% of the students who participated in the “Formare” project got a job soon after the end of course.

Community Investment in Brazil

Magneti Marelli started its structured Community Investment activity back in 2007, with an analysis phase that has led to the implementation of internal evaluation committees in the Brazilian regions where Magneti Marelli operates.

Community investment projects focus on a specific target: children and adolescents (between 6 and 24 years of age) from the communities where Magneti Marelli’s production plants are located who lack the socio-economic conditions needed to complete an educational and vocational training path.
In addition to participating in the Formare project, the Company’s commitment entails the support for other projects and the performance of company volunteering activities.







Magneti Marelli’s commitment in the area of education

In 2012, attention and support to the harmonious development of the younger generations was once again one of the most important part of the investments made by Magneti Marelli at the global level in projects with positive social consequences in the communities where the Group operates.
In fact, Magneti Marelli firmly believes that, in order to contribute to the wellbeing of a community, especially in developing countries but also in the tougher areas of so-called developed countries, tangible tools must be implemented first of all aimed at helping children and youngsters grow into fine adults. Starting from access to education.
There are many examples of this: from the support given to certain kindergartens that welcome needy or disabled children in the Czech Republic, up to the scholarship program kicked off in Poland, or the “Scholarship to University Youth” program in China.
However, in addition to the measures directly linked to the world of education, often ensuring access to this world also means contributing to meeting certain basic needs that come before schooling.
It is with this intention that, for example, at the junior high school located in the village of Thana Bas Hariya, province of Manesar, India, Magneti Marelli supported the activities of the “Eye Camp”, the field clinic where doctors from the NGO “Acme Salute” were able to visit more than 200 children and youngsters, checking their eyesight and administering the needed treatments by distributing medicines and, above all, eyeglasses to those who needed them.
After checking that which is, for any good student, the main work tool, in other words perfect eyesight, Magneti Marelli’s commitment in India went even further, as it supplied the poorest and neediest children and youngsters with sweaters and clothing to keep them warm during the winter months, and with “school kits” that contained everything a student may need: dictionaries, notebooks, plastic folders, books, pencils, erasers. These school kits were distributed to a total of 65 students, so that they could study throughout the school year without lacking anything.