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The value of relationships

In relationships with suppliers, customers and the community, integrating sustainability as a key factor of company processes has turned out to be a winning move. As confirmed by the accounts collected from the network of Company relationships

Customers, suppliers, employees themselves, project partners and local communities with which the various plants deal on a daily basis. In addition to the actual business, the life of a major Group also consists in the ability to organize, in a way that is sustainable and consistent with one’s own guidelines, the relationships with the different organizations with which the company does business.

It is also through this proper definition of the relationships with subjects known as “stakeholders” that a company is able to grow.

From the words of some of Magneti Marelli’s stakeholders, which you can read in these pages, a clear fact surfaces: the value of sustainability is a key element that has also become a crucial factor in business dynamics, and it is playing an increasingly central role.

A value that becomes a tool for communication and common growth in relationships with both customers and suppliers, but that also generates excellent results in activities carried out in favour of the local communities and territories where the company does business.

Key word: Stakeholder

A stakeholder is an individual, community or organization that affects the actions of one or more companies and which, in turn, is affected by the consequences of said actions. Stakeholders can be internal (such as employees) or external (such as, for example, customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities), and they include future generations.

Rodrigo Carneiro

Dialogue has always been the most efficient tool in all relationships, whether commercial or social. This is why I am sure that the choice of Magneti Marelli of enhancing the culture of sustainability will bring to an even stronger relationship between the company and DASA, through the development of skills and relationships based on trust.
A company that includes sustainability not only in its values but also as part of the process is a responsible company, respectful towards society in which it operates, and a company that does not focus on the present only.
To us, this a very important value so that since 2012 we included the question on Social-Environmental Responsibility in the Vendor Qualification System.

      Rodrigo Carneiro


Luisa Fracassini

Putting dialogue with the stakeholders at the centre of the relationship means achieving, more quickly and more completely, mutual, total and unconditional compliance with the sustainability guidelines in all their aspects.
Sustainable Excellence is a founding element for our company, and building a coherent relationship with the customer can only strengthen the process of turning the ethical principles of both parties into a reality, making them come to life.
Magneti Marelli’s decision to put Sustainability as a founding element of its production principles as well is perfectly integrated with the policies that we have been pursuing for years on commitment and respect of those principles that we have made our own.

      Luisa Fracassini


Eugenio Franzetti

The management of the relationship with its suppliers, implemented by PSA within the scope of responsible purchasing, aims at making the supply chain a continuous source of value creation, which would also anticipate the social and environmental concerns wich the society is asking the economic players to take into consideration.
The PSA Peugeot Citroën Group has set as a selection criterion for its supplier social and environmental responsibility, on the same level as quality, logistics and financial stability.
Magneti Marelli has been identified as a strategic supplier to the Group, and for this reason it is called to share with PSA structural values from a sustainable standpoint.

      Eugenio Franzetti


Lisa Lodde

Magneti Marelli’s donations allow us to support many activities.

But, in addition to the financial support, the relationship with Magneti Marelli also allows to spread awareness of the needs of individuals affected by muscular dystrophy to as many people as possible, something that we would not be allowed to achieve with our tools only.

An important commitment. Magneti Marelli’s support is part of that fundraising mechanism to finance research all over the world, as well as clinics for both adults and children, the activities of support groups, assistance for purchasing orthopaedic equipment and for education to public health.

      Lisa Lodde


Ferdinand Geckeler

Stakeholder engagement is a crucial element for managing and minimizing risks, for improving the company’s reputation and for identifying trends and opportunities.

Listening to our stakeholders needs with regards to issues of a social and environmental nature undoubtedly improves decision-making processes and accountability, and has positive influence on the ability to act and on long-term success.

It is precisely by taking into account all these elements that we expect Magneti Marelli to systematically consider the information that comes from its stakeholders and to integrate said information into its strategic processes in a consistent manner, in order to build a structured approach to sustainability.

      Ferdinand Geckler