Magneti Marelli START - 2

Letter to Stakeholders

Dear Stakeholders,
to Magneti Marelli, sustainability, together with technology, is one of the most significant drivers for change and evolution. The world is moving swiftly: the change in paradigms in economic, technological, social and human scenarios are revealing themselves in all their depth and inevitability.

New ways of moving, communicating and talking. New problems that require new solutions, minds as well as hearts ready for unmarked roads and recipes that have yet to be formulated.
Innovation and evolution.

In terms of its mission, Magneti Marelli is projected towards developing sustainable mobility solutions and technologies: the “smart mobility” wave presents a future that is upon us, in which automobiles will be equipped with sophisticated systems to allow drivers to interact with the vehicles in a new way - through advanced and customizable interfaces - as well as to enjoy a new extended and integrated connectivity, in which all mobility players are able to communicate at the same time. A technological “wave” that - with the possibility of autonomous driving enabled by “deep” connectivity - is leading towards a single solution to the often conflicting problems of safety and reduced consumption and emissions.

At such an exciting and dynamic time as the one we are currently living in, an idea and a belief are starting to take on a clear-cut shape: a company’s objective should be to stay healthy and achieve results, creating better and better balance within itself and on the outside, in the system in which it operates.
This is the fire that guides Magneti Marelli’s approach to sustainability, along three main fronts: the environment, society and the economy.

Our structured and cross-sectional sustainability program, now in its fourth year, is aimed at tangible action and it is based on two growth directions: a thorough and long-term methodological approach - its references being GRI, ISO 26000 and the Code of Conduct of the Fiat Group - and, in parallel, the start of tangible and effective pilot-projects capable of providing results from the very beginning.

Important projects have been kicked off during the past year and a half, the details of which you can find in this report, such as: the product Life Cycle Assessment program, the monitoring of the Supply Chain according to social and environmental criteria, and the mapping of Community Investments worldwide with the objective of identifying more and more advanced guidelines.
Training workshops on the topic of sustainability were held in Italy and in Brazil, and all the participants - with different origins and professional backgrounds - were called to collaborate in the mapping activities of sustainability initiatives. Now, the short-term goal is to make sure that our Sustainability program reaches out to all Magneti Marelli's stakeholders around the world, being they countries or companies.

The ingredients that let us operate ambitiously in this direction are the “exchange” and osmosis dynamics created in our network of plants and local facilities throughout the world and the concept of “openness” that we believe to be our distinguishing feature: technological openness, business openness and, most importantly, cultural openness.

The stories, data and performance figures that you will find in this second edition of Start thus confirm the Company’s investment in expertise and in people, an “open” and global approach and a tangible commitment to sustainability, that “starts” again every day.

eugenio razzelli

Eugenio Razelli
CEO of Magneti Marelli